Professional Services Firm Office Lease

Marcus Lipsey  /   October 5, 2023

Professional Services Firm Office Lease

A full-service management consulting, user experience and technology solutions firm, occupying two floors in the Dallas area selected our founder Nick Terry to locate their new offices in Houston, Texas. The client sought to have a space that blended the current looks of the Dallas, TX headquarters office and the newly renovated Denver, CO office, but maintain a Houston vibe. The space designed by Inventure Design consists of open, collaborative work areas, offices that provide privacy for specialized team work or phone calls andone main conference room for private meetings. Selecting a location that would support the client’s desire to attract and retain top industry talent was crucial to growing the Houston office.

Objective Outcomes

  • Negotiated flexible parking arrangements to accomodate “all hands on deck” meetings, though the majority of the local headcount spent their time at their various client sites
  • Obtained concession of a cap on all operating expenses (not just controllable expenses) that was ~$6 per square foot lower than building operating expenses in the surround area
  • Real estate strategy helped company grow local office from seven full time employees to now approaching 60

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