Candice Lawler

Candice Lawler


Candice came to Rifle CRE as an accomplished bookkeeping professional with a passion for ensuring financial accuracy and transparency. She currently manages finances for Rifle CRE and as well as their extensive portfolio of properties. Her keen eye for detail and uncompromising commitment to accuracy keep the books clean and the accountants satisfied.

Since 2019, Candice has also operated CEL Bookkeeping Services, servicing third party clients in the retail, energy, agriculture, real estate, and non-profit sectors. This wide range of industry experience has diversified her skill set and allows her to bring unique insights to her work.

When she’s not immersed in numbers, Candice is serving in her church music ministry, exploring her artistic side through painting, hiking, and managing her own farming and ranching endeavors. She also finds joy in entertaining her sheepadoodle, Libby.

Candice Lawler has a Bachelors degree from Evangel University and a Masters degree from Regent University.